The fireplace has always been a true symbol of comfort and warmth for the modern family to as far back as history can even reveal. Fireplaces have always kept us toasty and safe from the harsh cold that the winter serves up to us every year. In this day in age, we have placed a considerable focus on the visual aspects of the fireplace and what elements it can add to our homes in the regards to interior design and aesthetics. That is why Pleasant Hearth fireplace doors are the type of fireplace that will create the added beauty that could easily become the showcase of your living space.

They add a genuine sense of style that was created to optimize the classic masonry fireplace hearth but it also greatly benefits by it efficiency towards compressing the heat or by the decrease in cool air via the chimney, literally up to 90%.

Glass Door Fireplaces are a Great Choice for Safety Reasons

Pleasant Hearth fireplace doors utilize a smoked safety tempered glass that is at exactly 3/16”, which is not only highly attractive but it also increases your families safety. Stray sparks could melt the carpet within it’s proximity or even considerably damage the tile flooring that is nearby. These glass doors effectively lower the various chances that sparks could rise up out of the fireplace or even the possibility that a log could come tumbling out, causing detrimental harm to whatever is in it’s path. These classy fireplace doors are super easy to install because they come fully assembled and when you see the end result, you will know for certain that you made the best choice. It isn’t all about the visual appeal though, everytime glass fireplace doors are sealed shut, they can enhance the heat output by triple what it normally does. Glass fireplace doors have the great ability to raise the overall efficiency of the fireplace by functioning as a boundary between your chimney and your home. When a fireplace door is opened it creates the same exact effect as when a window is open. If you happen to leave it open in the winter, this option will enable the warm air to travel upwards, while the chimney in the summer is a great source of cool air, which drifts into your home while the glass doors are open.

Leave it to the GHP Group for Providing the Best in Efficiency

Pleasant Hearth fireplace doors were the wonderful creation of the GHP group (The Glacier Bay), a company that has given consumers some of the finest gas grills, firepits, glass door, hearth style and electric fireplaces and several other expertly crafted and amazingly efficient household heating appliances. There is a reason why they have been leaders of the industry for over 100 years and still going strong.