Warninig: Every attempt has been made to ensure that the information contained is accurate at the time of writing. This guide is meant to supplement the owner’s manual for the particular units. Check your owner’s manual for more information.

What you’ll need for installation

Just a simple set of tools required for the installation of these pleasant hearth fireplace doors. All doors in their range have the same way of installing the doors

  • phillips head
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • gloves

Before you start:

a) Remove all contents from the pack 

b) Check the contents of the package with the parts list, making sure that there are no parts missing. (call the manufacturers customer service center at 1877 447 4768 if you have parts missing)


c) Make sure the fireplace is cool.
NOTE: Ensure your fireplace has been neutralized. Newly built fireplaces, sometimes contain a residue of acid from the construction of the build. This can cause red spots and rust.


1) Mount door handles using screws provided, attach both door-handles

2) Riser bar installation – This is included in your package, however, many fireplaces don’t require it.
If your fireplace is within the measurement, it’s usually not required

3) Put the gloves on to install the fiberglass insulation. It’s designed to protect the metal finish of the frame. separate  3″ and 2″ into 3 strips each. There are 4 channels at the back of your fireplace door. You need to measure the length of each channel, then cut the fiberglass insulation to fit.

Cut insulation to size

4) place each fiberglass insulation into the respective channel. They don’t necessarily have to fill the channels to the full depth

place insulation into the slots

5) Locate the Lintel bar, the L shape angle iron that supports the top of the fireplace.

Measure the lintel bar

6) Measure the width of the Lintel bar. If the width of the Lintel bar is less than 3″ or greater than 4″, check the manual.

7) Measure the distance from the bottom of the fireplace to the lintel bar (top) and check to determine where the lintel bar will line up with the slotted brackets. If reaches the top, key bracket facing the T-head facing up,


8) If the measurement is not the same height as the slotted brackets, assemble the key bracket with the T-head facing down.

Upward T-bracket
T-bracket facing up
Downward T-bracket
T-bracket facing down

9) Attach the key bracket with the lentil clamp with the 1/4″ 20 x 1/4″ machine screw. Don’t tighten. With the one quarter twenty x 2″ thumb screw in to the lintel clamp. Don’t tighten the thumb screw yet.

10) Place each T-head with the key bracket and slot it into the back door and turn bracket assembly to the horizontal position.

place brackets into slot

11) Gently place the fireplace door against the fireplace door.

place fireplace door against the fireplace

12) Reach inside the fireplace, through the door to slide the lintel clamp back or forward into the lip of the clamp as firmly against the lintel bar, then tighten the screw,

Slide bracket into lintel bar
Tighten screw

13) Making sure the doors are firmly agaisnt the fireplace,  tighten the thumb screws until the doors are secure on top. Repeat on the other side

Tighten thumb screw against lintel bar

14) Insert the 1/4 20 x 3 1/2″ thumbscrew into the pressure bracket then insert the pressure bracket into the pair of holes, closest to the side of the fireplace opening making sure thumbscrews pointing towards the sidewall of the fireplace, tighten the thumbscrew into the wall. Repeat on the other side

Tighten thumb screw

15) Always ensure the glass doors are open when you’re burning a fire, to ensure the glass doors don’t shatter.

Never clean doors while they’re still hot!

Still unsure if your fireplace opening is compatible ?

Please contact the manufacturer customer support at Toll-Free:1-877-447-4768



14 thoughts on “Pleasant Hearth Fireplace Doors Installation”

  1. The opening of my fireplace measures 27.75W X 24.0 H. Does the extra 3/4 inch of width really preclude me from purchasing any of you products?

    1. Hello Ben,
      Based on the measurements you provided, none of the fireplace doors from the pleasant hearth range will be able to accommodate your fireplace opening. The doors require a 30″W minimum in order to be properly installed. If you need additional information, give the GHP Customer Service group a call at 877-447-4768. Thank you.

  2. my goal is to have the fireplace doors closed when burning in the fireplace and to draw the combustion air from the vent to the outside. won’t the tempered glass be sufficient to resist shattering due to the heat generated by the fire?

  3. Seems like when I try to tighten the upper T brackets on the fireplace lintel, one always seems to slip just when I think I get to point of a firm fit…. This seems to cause the whole unit to ultimately fall out , usually while a fire is in the fireplace.. Any suggestions?

  4. Hi, We just received our Pleasant hearth GR-7201 Grandoir door from Amazon. We’d measured our opening carefully, & came up with 37″ wide — at the top. So we bought a medium. When I test-fitted the unit, I had a gap of about 1/4″ at the bottom on both sides. The top is fine. Can we use a silicone caulk to safely and aesthetically seal the quarter of an inch on each side? Or dow e need to return the unit? Thanks.

  5. Is it necessary to drill into the lintel if the bar is less than 3″? I’m trying not to have to do that. Any chance I could use a second set of (I) screws to allow for a slightly smaller lintel?

  6. I dont appear to have a lintel–its angled up directly from the brick and there appears to be a metal plate. The traditional brackets the fireplace doors come with wont work. Can I screw the bracket directly into the metal sheet? Thanks,

  7. Ordered FN-5702 from Amazon. When trying to install even with the T-bracket facing up the lentil bar in the fireplace is still about 1 inch below the bracket. Any hardware available to fix this? We really love this this door and don’t want to return it.

  8. The real stone fireplace in my home has an 80s vintage metal insert that I want to remove and replace with doors. The original firebox opening is 40.5″ wide by 27.75″ tall with a 3.5″ lintel which suggests that one of your large doors will work. My question is about the mantel face. Being made of irregularly shaped stones, the face is not square around the firebox opening with some stones protruding 1-2″ into the firebox opening. For the same reasons the face is not a smooth mounting surface on the front. Will one of the doors still work?

  9. My fireplace opening is 27.5″ H and 35″ W so it falls into the dimensions for both small and medium, which is my best choice?

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