Fireplaces come in various sizes and shapes and Pleasant Hearth Fireplace Doors have you covered! They offer 3 different sizes across the fireplace door range, which cover the majority of fireplaces in your homes. We made this guide to makes it easier for you to choose the correct size for your fireplace.

Before you purchase your fireplace door:

  1. Make sure you measure the inside width of the fireplace opening. A good idea to check the top and bottom width of the fireplace as you might find that the top is wider than the bottom or visa-versa. If there is a difference in size take the larger measurement.
  2. Measure the height of the fireplace opening. So this would be from the bottom to the top of the fireplace opening. Like the width measurement, it’s a good idea to measure both sides of the fireplace in case there’s a slight difference in measurement.
  3. Always double-check the measurements you’ve written down! It’s never fun when you get your fireplace door delivered, only to find it doesn’t fit.

NOTE: If your fireplace opening measurements don’t fall in between the following measurements, these fireplace doors unfortunately aren’t compatible. There may be a size suitable for your fireplace by a different manufacturer.

SizeFits Opening WidthFits Opening HeightActual Dimensions
Small30" ~ 37"22 ½" ~ 27 ½"37 ½" W x 30" H
Medium30" ~ 37"25 ½" ~ 32 ½"37 ½" W x 33" H
Large36" ~ 43"25 ½" ~ 32 ½"43 ½" W x 33" H

Small Size:


The smallest of the Pleasant Hearth fireplace door range, suitable the smaller sized fireplaces.

Medium Size:


These medium sized fireplace doors come in the same width as the small size, but with the higher frame size it’s suitable for those fireplaces that are that little bit higher, in the range of 25½~ 32½”.

Still unsure if your fireplace opening is compatible?

Please contact the manufacturer customer support at Toll-Free:1-877-447-4768

27 thoughts on “Pleasant Hearth Sizing Guide”

  1. My masonry fireplace is 27 1/8 inches wide at the top and 27 9/16 inches wide at the bottom. It appears that all of your fireplace door sets fit fireplaces that are a minimum width of 30 inches. Am I correct in that none of your doors would fit my fireplace?


    1. The fireplace door guy

      Hi Charles,

      Yes it looks like Pleasant Hearth Fireplace doors are not compatible with your opening.

  2. Hey All,

    I hit you up earlier in the week and haven’t heard back. We have a fireplace and the height is probably closer to 22 1/4 as opposed to 22 1/2. Do you think your small doors would fit? Or is that extra 1/4 inch going to be a problem. Please let me know asap as we’d like to order a door very soon. Thanks!!

    1. The fireplace door guy

      Hi Blake, it would be best to give the GHP Customer Service a call at 877-447-4768. Thank you.

  3. My fireplace opening is 35.5w X 24h. I want to purchase the medium size to maximize the viewing area. Will this work? If not, why? Please be specific.

    1. The fireplace door guy

      Hi there,
      It’s recommended you install a SMALL as your fireplace dimensions aren’t suited for a medium.
      If you need additional information, give the GHP Customer Service group a call at 877-447-4768.

  4. My opening is 37″ wide and 27″ tall so all sizes will officially fit… should I go with the large then? Which would look best?

    1. The fireplace door guy

      Hi Mike,
      It seems like all sizes would fit your fireplace. Perhaps go with the Medium size

  5. Hey Fireplace Person, what is the best size Carlisle for an opening 35.5 x 28.25. There is also about a 1.25″ drop from the bottom of the opening to the Hearth, not sure if this matters. Thanks

  6. What are the sizes of the glass area in the each of your door sets? Are the glass panels different sizes in the small, medium, and large, or do all three sizes use the same size glass opening, with the only difference being the width of the metal surround for each size?

    1. The fireplace door guy

      Hi Stu,
      All Pleasant Hearth Glass doors come in Small, Medium and Large. Each size is the same accross the different models, only the style/design of the fireplace door differ.

    1. The fireplace door guy

      Hi Catherine,

      Looks like the size of your fireplace is compatible with all sizes of the pleasant hearth range. You could perhaps go the Medium size

  7. i have a 35.5 opening on my fireplace and i just bought the medium size Ascot Fireplace which gives me a bit more than an inch overlap on each side. Is this enough?


  8. Francois Baumont

    I’ve searched and read and googled but could not confirm: is the height of the glass door ONLY (i.e. viewing height) the same in the small and medium sizes? My firebox can take either size and I wanted to maximize the view. Thanks,

  9. My fireplace height is 29″ and I am interested in the Ascot Glass fireplace door (AT-1000). I was looking at your specs online and it says that the small fits fireplace openings with heights ranging from 22 1/2in – 29 1/2in, but under the “Comparison specs” section further down it says that the small covers 22 1/2in – 27 1/2in. Is this a typo and it should be up to 29 1/2 in? This is the page I am referring to:

    1. The fireplace door guy

      Hi Steph, Thanks for your comment and picking out the typo. It should have been 29 1/2 inches.

  10. I’m looking at the Enfield model and my fireplace openng has is 28″ high and 34.5″ wide. I’m thinking the medium size is best but want your thoughts as to what size screen you would recommend.

  11. My fireplace opening measures 36″ wide x 26″ high. Overall dimensions of my current fireplace door are 40″ wide x 29″ high. I want a replacement door that duplicates the inside view area and outside coverage area of my current door. Which size should I select?

  12. Hello, my fireplace opening has height of 30 x width of 34.25 which would you recommend? thanks!

  13. Hello, my fireplace was built in the 1960s out of various sizes of sandstone slabs. These slabs are flat along the seams but are of various heights and widths and the profiles are irregularly shaped, not flush like brick. Can a Craton model be fitted to an irregular surface like this? Thank you.

  14. My fireplace measures 36.5″ wide with a 28″ height. This seems to fall into two categories; the small and the medium. Which of these sizes would work best for my fireplaces? Thank you

  15. I need a door for 31.5 by 44.5 opening . Will the “large” size doors cover it? Thanks. Randy

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