Vented or Vent Free Gas logs, Which one to get?

Here we will try to explain to you, what the main differences between a vented gas log and a vent free gas log are.

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself when deciding between the two types is, what do you want from these gas logs? Is it mainly for ambiance and to create a nice flickering fire in your home? Or is it primarily for heat, to warm up your home.

Obviously, the two types require physical requirements of your fireplace. In a vented gas log, they are made to fit into an existing wood burning fireplace. If you’re wanting away from a traditional wood burning fireplace, you can easily convert it to a vented gas log fireplace. On the other hand, if you’re wanting to swap over to a vent-free fireplace, you may need to do a few modifications to your firebox.

Vented Sets:

  • Flames look more realistic, the flames flicker and move in a more natural way.
  • the heat and emissions are generally going straight up the chimney, like a traditional wood fire. You do get radiant heat from it, however, most of the heat goes straight up.
  • You will most likely need a fireplace door to prevent cold air coming into the house, when not in use

Vent Free

  • The heat radiates straight into your room. Your fireplace will be more efficient in keeping the heat.
  • The flames are less natural compared to the vented gas logs.

In conclusion, Vented gas logs are more from aesthetics and Vent Free gas logs would be to heat the room up.

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