We’ve put a list together for you , to help you get the must have, top accessories that every fireplace should have.

Fireplace Log Grabber

The best way to handle the logs to go into your fireplace is by getting a Log Grabber by Pleasant hearth. With a Log Grabber, you won’t get burnt or splinters anymore. Mechanism of the Log Grabber to grasp, maneuver, and lift logs inside the fireplace or fire pit. At 41″ long, it keeps hands safe while tending to the fire. Durable steel construction. Rubber, ergonomic grip. Fully assembled.

Log Carrier & Handler

Of course, every fireplace needs logs of wood to make a nice and warm fire, so you need somewhere to store the logs.  There’s no better way to store them than using a Log Handler. They keep the wood off the ground, to keep away the damp.  There are various sizes and styles to suit indoor and outdoor areas. Pleasant Hearth have a range of Log pleasant hearth fireplace doors.

Fire starters


If you’re always struggling to start a fire, we think it’s time make life easier by getting some fire starters. They’re fairly cheap to buy, and it just makes it simple to start the fire within seconds. No more frustrating efforts to get warm again!

3 thoughts on “Must have accessories for fireplaces”

  1. We like your product but we have no Lintel Bar on the front part of our fireplace opening.Any ideas on how to solve this ?

  2. I purchased a Pleasant Hearth vent-free gas log set last year and one of the logs cracked and broke in half when I attempted to use the fireplace this year. I need to order these logs:
    item #- 1-2 Description is Log 2 Part # H-1080A (model number- VFL-CO18DT. Can you advise me of the cost and if this is the reason that our fireplace will not light? We are not getting any gas flow into the fireplace. Thank you, Floyd Brumit

    1. The fireplace door guy

      Hi Floyd,
      I recommend you contact the manufacturer regarding your issue. Toll-Free:1-877-447-4768

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