Frequently Asked Questions for Pellet Stoves

Need a new heating system for your house and you’re thinking of purchasing a Pleasant Hearth Pellet Stove? We answer the most commonly asked questions about pellet stoves and tackle some of the myths surrounding them.

Genereal Questions

Are pellet stoves cost-efficient?

Yes. Compared to conventional fireplaces they cost less to install as they don’t require a rooftop chimney. Pellet stoves can be vented from the wall, which can save you money. Secondly, they are a lot more efficient at burning. Pleasant Hearth Pellet Stoves have an 85% efficiency rating.

Do I need a chimney to have a pellet stove in my home?

No, pellet stoves are designed to be vented out through a side wall which makes installation easier and cheaper than a traditional wood stove. They’re the best choice for dwellings without an existing chimney, can be adapted to existing chimneys and unlike wood stoves are approved for mobile homes which are growing in popularity.

How much fuel does a pellet stove use?

Wood pellets generally come in 40-pound bags and one bag of pellet fuel can provide up to 24 hours of constant heat. Depending on your climate and lifestyle preferences you should be able to get through winter on about 100-150 bags.

Are pellet stoves eco and health friendly?

Pellets stoves don’t produce smoke, so they’re a healthier option for your family as well as being a cleaner option for the environment. Most models run regular diagnostic tests to monitor safety conditions. Wood pellets are a byproduct of the wood industry, using sawdust and other industrial waste which would otherwise be dumped into a landfill. In even better news for the planet, pellets are carbon neutral as the CO2 they give off when they burn, similar to that which emits when they naturally decompose.

Are pellet stoves high maintenance?

Many offer remote control operation, thermostatic control, and automatic ignition. Pellet stoves designed to be low maintenance, and due to the constant flame provided by a steady fuel source, the user doesn’t need to physically tend to the fire which means more time to enjoy your cozy

Questions regarding the maintenance of a pellet stove

Refer to our Pellet stove maintenance for detailed instructions on how to best take care of your Plesant Hearth Pellet Stove

What causes the glass on my pellet stove to become dirty?

If the glass has white ash build up it is normal and the glass should be cleaned. On the other hand, if you have black soot build-up, airflow through the unit may be restricted. The most often cause is overdue maintenance and cleaning.

How can I get more heat out of the appliance?

If you believe that the heat output has diminished over time, it could be from various reason. Typically, general maintenance and cleaning will help restore the pellet stove’s efficiency and heat output.

What should I do if I smell smoke or there is ash/soot coming from the appliance?

Typically, you’ll always get a woody scent from the pellet stove. However, if you’re experiencing excessive smoke, you should investigate all venting to make sure it is sealed properly.

Most homes are built very tight today and with exhaust systems can create negative pressure in the home, which could be the cause of smoke/smell.

For ash or soot check the above and the exhaust blower housing and seals. Most venting requires silicone to seal the seams.

Why would my appliance run fine last winter but not start this fall?

It is possible that the stove was not properly prepared for the Non-burn season. Best to check the maintenance section.

Why would the metal on the inside of the appliance begin to flake?

There are some pellet mills that get their raw materials from lumber mills that purchase logs that are transported in sea water. These pellets can have a higher salt content and cause the metals in the unit to corrode prematurely and deteriorate. If you are seeing any components inside the firebox deteriorate it is recommended to change pellet brands immediately.

Is there a place to lubricate the blowers to quiet them down?

The most often cause of noisy blowers is from the impellers becoming dirty over time. No form of lubrication should ever need to be applied to the blowers.

Why is there a black residue building up on the outside of my home?

Wind can cause this to happen. If the appliance is operating correctly very little soot should ever exit the termination cap. Also, check to be sure the venting is installed per the owner’s manual and local codes.

Do I need an outside air kit?

Outside air is required for mobile home installs and in some jurisdictions. Refer to “Listing & Code Approvals”, “Mobile Home Installation” and “ Appliance Set-up” owner’s manual. Also, refer to local building codes.

I am seeing sparks coming out of my pipe (termination cap) outside is this safe?

This is normal. As long as clearances to combustibles were followed this is safe.

Can I burn corn in my pleasant hearth pellet stove?

NO, corn is not an approved fuel.

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